Meet the Beef, Z.W.A.T & Runner zombies

Zombies in CraZ Outbreak 2

In my previous post I introduced you to the some of our undead from Craz Outbreak 2. Here are some of the other evolved & newly discovered mutations in the remaining zombies.

Beef zombie

The Beef has been the most powerful zombie (other than the boss zombie) since CraZ Outbreak. Very strong & powerful, the Beef zombie can not only take on a lot of bullets before succumbing, but also tear through your barricade at quick pace. What’s more, if you get his health down low enough, he gets into ‘hulk’ mode where he moves & attacks faster, and does more damage.

To ensure the Beef doesn’t wreak havoc, you want to make best use of all your resources. Set him on fire with the flamethrower, unload your sniper clip at his head, and if he still isn’t dead, hope you have the Nuke unlocked and upgraded!

Z.W.A.T zombie

Not all the armored zombies from CraZ Outbreak stuck with their shields. Some of them instinctively grabbed their weapons. That’s right, you now have the Z.W.A.T. zombies that shoot back at you from a distance, just out of reach of your flamethrower. A well armored zombie with a powerful ranged attack is a huge threat to your survival.

Your weak handguns can’t get through their armor, and your flamethrower can’t reach them. You pretty much have to use your most damaging weapons on these. Don’t be shy, get your laser and sniper rifles out. If you have been saving up your bombs and nukes, this would be a good time to use them.

Runner zombie

The Runner zombies are the descendants from the days of CraZ Outbreak. Their blazing speed and aggressive attacking make the Runner more than a nuisance. But if you mistime your reloading and find a handful of them heading towards you, that is when you are in big trouble.

A quick-firing weapon such as an upgraded handgun, Uzi or rifle works best, but make sure you lead your aim in front of the Runners. Of course, don’t be caught reloading your high rate-of-fire guns, or you may have to waste your big gun ammo on these zombies.

This concludes the introduction to the zombies in CraZ Outbreak 2 so far. I am sure once we get to the alpha & beta phase, we will have some more zombie ideas. The one difference we hope to make in this game is to not keep any zombie type a pushover. The weaker zombies will always rush you in hordes, the slow zombies will always accompany bigger ones. That will hopefully keep the player always on his toes, and keep the game nail-biting from the first level until the last.

Please keep your ideas and suggestion coming in the comments below. We would love to work on your ideas and incorporate them into this game.

2 comments for “Meet the Beef, Z.W.A.T & Runner zombies

  1. November 15, 2014 at 11:26 pm

    Maybe have some zombies w different skin tone? Gray or purple-ish?

    • November 16, 2014 at 11:01 pm

      That is a nice idea. We are adding subtle hue changes for each zombie (even of the same type) just so they don’t all look like clones. But having different colors of zombies might add more variety.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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