Meet the Bloated, Walker, Poliz & Digger zombies

Zombies in CraZ Outbreak 2

Let me introduce you to the some of our undead from Craz Outbreak 2. Some of these have evolved over from their time in CraZ Outbreak, while others are recently discovered mutations.

Bloated zombie

First discovered in CraZ Outbreak, their gluttonous appetite has made them even bigger. Even though the Bloated walk at a snail’s pace, their thick hide absorbs anything thrown its way. And now, they grab a bite to eat every now & then, which restores some of their health back. All in all, it takes a lot more continuous firepower to bring them down.

If you see a Bloated headed your way, it would be wise to concentrate all your firepower on it to take it down before it eats its way back to full health. Oh, and a bit of trivia for you – fat is a great fuel for fire.

Poliz zombie

Guess what happened when the armored zombies from CraZ Outbreak finally learnt how to use their shields? That’s right! The Poliz, as they are now called, use their shields when they are low on health, making them invulnerable to bullets. That, combined with their thick armor makes them a great meatshield.

Don’t waste your feeble handgun ammo on these, get your big guns out. And when they get their shields in front of them? Remember, they have no shield above them!

Walker zombie

First discovered in CraZ Outbreak, they still are the regular ole Walkers. They still walk their slow walk, and are still as easy to kill. One thing that does seem different though is that they now seem to come in hordes. A lone walker is plain silly, a few become a nuisance, a dozen of them though – I hope you have your best turrets out and the heaviest barricade laid.

A word of advice – don’t take a horde of walkers lightly. Use area-damage or high rate-of-fire weapons against them.

Digger zombie

The crawlers from CraZ Outbreak were flimsy. Really slow-paced and very weak, they were prime candidates for evolution. Their trick to surviving a barrage of lead shot their way? Crawl under the ground. Get a few Diggers headed your way and you have your hands full timing your shots to take them down.

No point shooting the dirt while they crawl underneath. They will have to surface to see where they are going, won’t they?

In CraZ Outbreak 2, all the zombies will have to be taken seriously. If not in sheer size, their strength may lie in numbers. If not in blazing speeds, the danger may lie in their ability to hide. Dealing with each type of zombie will need some thought and skill. Each of the zombies have their unique strengths and weaknesses – but so do your guns!

These are the zombies we could come up with in all the free time (read “none”) we have between a day job, family and developing games. I am sure you all can come up with a lot more fun ideas on undead for this game. Leave your suggestions in the comments below, and let us try to bring the bad boy to life (… or death?)

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