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Zombies in CraZ Outbreak 2

You guessed it right! We are adding a Shop screen to CraZ Outbreak 2 for you to shop your wares. The Shop is still work in progress and we will be refining the items & mechanics along the way, but most of what I am about to tell you, should stay.

Player feedback

Among all the helpful feedback I received from the players of CraZ Outbreak, both on the flash platform and the android store, the most common was a request for more weapons. Players wanted to be able to use a variety of guns against the zombies. They wanted to chuck grenades onto groups of zombies. They wanted automatic turrets to aid the lone character.

All that and more!

I absolutely agree with the players. If I had to leave feedback for my game, I would have definitely asked for an in-game shop to buy different weapons. Being able to unlock weapons, accumulate enough money to buy one, and use its better firepower to mow down the enemies is a big ‘fun’ factor for me. I understand that a shop to purchase weapons, bombs and turrets feels out-of-place in a zombie apocalypse. I also know that killing zombies doesn’t help you earn money. But ‘realism’ isn’t why players choose to play a zombie game. They play it for fun. And if having fun includes using a laser gun turret to slice through zombies, so be it!

In CraZ Outbreak, the girl used just a pistol all through the game. Killing zombies helped her gain experience, which improved her aim and her reload speed. Contrary to this ‘realistic’ approach, CraZ Outbreak 2 is going to shift its priorities more towards having fun. There will be guns, plenty of them, ranging from pistols and shotguns, to snipers and chainguns. You will be able to launch grenades on the zombies, or call in airstrikes to level the whole screen. You will be able to deploy automatic turrets to aid in your survival. And lastly, you can upgrade to stronger barricades which can even electrocute the zombies on contact.

The shop

The shop screen, as is evident from the screenshot above, will be divided in 4 sections:

1. Guns – The guns vary by their damage, range, magazine size, and rate of fire. Different guns would be best used in different situations. A flamethrower with a very short range would be very efficient in getting rid of pesky zombies tearing away at the barricade, whereas a high-powered sniper would be great to take down big boss zombies from afar.

2. Bombs – The bombs would have a variety of damage, blast radius, and how many projectiles are launched. The player can use the quick recharging pipe bomb every now and then to weaken a packed group of zombies, but would be better of leaving the screen leveling airstrikes for when the screen is filled with zombies.

3. Barricades – Barricades would differ by the damage they can take, how quickly the player can repair it, and how much damage it deals to the zombies. The player starts off with a weak make-shift barricade, made up of trash cans and wooden crates. But to fend off stronger zombies you would be wise to use an actual wooden barricade or even an electrified metal one.

4. Turrets – Turrets would be similar to the guns in that they would vary by their damage, range, rate of fire, reload time. Initially, the player could contend with a weak contraption of a pistol on a bar stool. But if you go for some of the powerful turrets, you could have a state-of-the-art laser turret slicing through hordes of zombies.

In CraZ Outbreak 2, you will be able to buy any of the items in the shop, once they are unlocked. The items will be unlocked either based on how many levels have you survived, or based on how long you have played the game. Once an item is purchased, you can equip it in any available slot to use within the game. The number of slots will differ – 3 for guns, 2 for bombs, 2 for turrets and 1 for barricade. You will also be able to upgrade the item, which will improve some of its characteristics, but only up to a certain limit, after which the item will be maxed out.

How do you feel about this big addition to the game? Please do leave you comments below on how you think we can improve upon this shop, whether related to UI/UX or other items that we could stock in the shop. Thank you!

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