Difficulty levels in CraZ Outbreak

Zombies in CraZ Outbreak 2

‘Select a difficulty level’

A pretty common choice gamers have to make when they start playing a game. The choice the player makes dictates not only how tough the player will find the game, but also how long it takes to complete it, and in a way, how much he enjoys the game. Without these choices, a game easy enough to be enjoyed by a casual gamer will turn out boringly easy for the hardcore gamer, and a game with a challenge for the hardcore gamer will be a case of rage-quit for the casual gamer. These choices are what keeps the game interesting and enjoyable to a wide spectrum of players.

How do the difficulty levels work in CraZ Outbreak 2?

Take the case of most games. Playing the ‘easy’ mode, the enemies tend to die faster and are fewer in number. Ammo is found in plenty and the character isn’t punished too severely even for throwing grenades at his own feet. The ‘hard’ mode meanwhile has a lot more enemies who don’t die easily. The player might have to decide between using up his scarce ammo, or try to sneak his way past the enemies. The character gets injured very easily, and health packs may be non-existent.

CraZ Outbreak 2 will use these tricks of course, but only to an extent. I felt I would be cheating and taking an easy way out if the only challenge thrown at a hardcore player is more enemies and less ammo. For this game, there will also be added challenges added in the form of game-modes and environment.


In addition to the regular timed levels, there will be other modes like building your barricade before a big horde arrives, or aiding civilians to escape without being bitten by zombies. There might be challenges like allowing only the use of handguns, or preventing turrets from being used. A mix of these dispersed throughout the game should keep a hardcore player enjoying this game without getting a feeling of grinding through.

And because these choices are available for each level, all the time, a player can always aim for a higher difficulty to try it out, or go down a notch if he finds a level too hard to complete.


There will be varied environments in not only the backgrounds of the levels, but also other things factored in like the time of the day, weather, and visibility. The night version of a particular level brings in more zombies. Add a dense fog or torrential rains and the zombies are much harder to spot early. For the indoor levels, you may find the lack of good lighting (or its complete absence in some cases) a strong challenge in keeping the zombies off your barricade.

Of course, we don’t intend to keep these fun, challenging modes and environments away from the casual players. So they will always have a chance at trying these out at any time. But they will be shielded by having them try out one thing at a time. For the brave, try 3 minutes of zombies coming at you in pitch black, where the only light provided to you is the torchlight taped to your gun!

What games have you played which offer a challenging gameplay for casual and hardcore players alike? Any game in particular which used a unique gameplay element to handle difficulty levels?

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