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Welcome to our blog at Decayed Games!

We are a couple of game developers who are very passionate about creating games. We like to keep our games light-hearted, fun, and enjoyable for casual players and serial gamers alike.

Last year we published a zombie themed casual-action game for the flash and android market. CraZ Outbreak was pretty well received on both platforms. Learning from experience, listening to our players, and with the confidence to go a step further, we started working on a sequel to it.

This blog will feature our development progress on this game, and any others that we will work on. We will post concept art and gameplay ideas to get some early feedback on. We will post in-game screenshots and gameplay videos for you to comment on. We will, as we already do on other social media, ask for your opinions and ideas on a lot of things. We aim to publish about once every week, depending on how much progress we make that week.

You can even follow us on facebook, google+, twitter, tumblr or subscribe to this blog to know all about our recent developments.

We would love to hear from you, whether it is early feedback, or brutal criticism, or an awesome high-five. Engage with us through our development to keep us motivated, nudge us if we slack off, and slap our hand when we act silly. Help us take our games in the direction that is as much fun for you to play, as has been creating them.

For our next post, we could post about anything really – our art, the ideas we wish to incorporate in our game, our progress so far. Please let us know through the comments below what you would like us to talk about. Thanks fellas!

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