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Brainless Shopping

Zombies in CraZ Outbreak 2

You guessed it right! We are adding a Shop screen to CraZ Outbreak 2 for you to shop your wares. The Shop is still work in progress and we will be refining the items & mechanics along the way, but most of what I am about to tell you, should stay.

Player feedback

Among all the helpful feedback I received from the players of CraZ Outbreak, both on the flash platform and the android store, the most common was a request for more weapons. Players wanted to be able to use a variety of guns against the zombies. They wanted to chuck grenades onto groups of zombies. They wanted automatic turrets to aid the lone character.

Difficulty levels in CraZ Outbreak

Zombies in CraZ Outbreak 2

‘Select a difficulty level’

A pretty common choice gamers have to make when they start playing a game. The choice the player makes dictates not only how tough the player will find the game, but also how long it takes to complete it, and in a way, how much he enjoys the game. Without these choices, a game easy enough to be enjoyed by a casual gamer will turn out boringly easy for the hardcore gamer, and a game with a challenge for the hardcore gamer will be a case of rage-quit for the casual gamer. These choices are what keeps the game interesting and enjoyable to a wide spectrum of players.

Start of decay


Welcome to our blog at Decayed Games!

We are a couple of game developers who are very passionate about creating games. We like to keep our games light-hearted, fun, and enjoyable for casual players and serial gamers alike.

Last year we published a zombie themed casual-action game for the flash and android market. CraZ Outbreak was pretty well received on both platforms. Learning from experience, listening to our players, and with the confidence to go a step further, we started working on a sequel to it.